Annual Volunteer Training Requirements

Annual Update & Recertification Information


Parent & Community Volunteers, Chaperones & those Accompanying any Student (s) on School Trips


Parent volunteers and chaperones provide a valuable resource and result in positive experiences for students, families, and schools.  Together we work to increase the academic performance and experiences for all of our students.  

Previously trained volunteers must meet training requirements on an annual basis before working in our schools, serving as a chaperone or accompanying any student (s) on school trips.  

Annual update & recertification requirements are completed online as opposed to initial face-to-face volunteer training.  Components of the annual recertification training include;  Mandated Reporting of Child Abuse, Parent Volunteer Program Agreement, Parent Needs Assessment , and electronic photo submission.  The training is brief and will include an overview of the ethics information covered in your initial training.  

All Decatur County employees, volunteers, chaperones and those accompanying students on school trips are provided a picture ID badge in an effort to maintain safe school environments.  Directions about how to provide a photo and receive your badge is included in the Annual Update and Recertification process below. Issued badges must be worn while volunteering, chaperoning, or accompanying students on a school trip.


**Please allow two weeks to process the application and receive the required badge**


If you need computer access or assistance with the annual update or photo submission, you may contact Cheryl Guy at or 229-243-6847 or Kathy Varner at or 229-248-2836.


Online Annual Update and Recertification Directions

1.   Click here to complete the 2016-2017 Volunteer Form updates.  You do NOT have to print this form. 


2.  Click here to view the Mandated Reporter PowerPoint Presentation 


3.  Click here to Complete an updated  Volunteer Program Agreement Form for the 2016-2017 school year.


4.   Provide the school with an updated photo for your required  2016-2017 Volunteer Badge using the guidelines below:

5.  2016-2017 Volunteer Update & Recertification Checklist

 Electronic Photo Submission Requirements

  • The photo must be front facing, chest up, with a solid background 
  • Save the image with your first and last name  (Ex:  John Smith)
  • Select Dr. Cheryl Guy's, email link to attach & send photo
  • Attach the photo/image file to the email and press send

If you are unable to submit a photo electronically, as indicated, please report to the District Parent Resource Center or contact Dr. Guy to have a photo taken.   Once annual training requirements have been met , including electronic photo submission, the badge will be available at  your school of choice in approximately 10 working days.