College & Career Advisement Guide

Last Updated: 8/26/2019 5:28 PM

Bainbridge High School Advisement Guide is designed to provide comprehensive information for student planning.  This guide may be used by students, counselors, administrators, teachers, and parents/guardians as students prepare for the following post-high school experiences:

* Apprenticeship
* Career Training School
* College and University
* Full Time Employment
* Military Service
* Technical College

Planning is essential for one’s life choices to be rewarding. Since the high school years can provide the foundation and tools for building a future, students need definite goals in mind as they make choices.  This guide outlines graduation requirements specified by the Georgia Department of Education and Decatur County Schools and provides information regarding high school curriculum choices and postsecondary planning. Parents/guardians and students are encouraged to use this information while working closely with school personnel to plan a four-year program and to develop postsecondary goals.