study island

1. Click on icon

2. Login as a student 

3. Use your DCBOE user name and password



How to use Study Island

* After signing in on the home page, you'll have the option to either click on MY Class or select a program from the navigation bar to start working in Study Island. 

* if this is the first time using the program or subject, the student may be required to take a pretest. If there is no pretest. If there is no pretest option, or if the student has has already taken the Pretest, the student will be able to move on to content topics. 

* Use the navigation bar on the left hand side of the screen to access class assignments, reports, high scores, and writing assignments, as well as other sections of the program. 

* To pass a topic, a student must satisfy the topic's passing goal, which is based on a minimum number of questions answered and a minimum percentage correct.  A Blue Ribbon is displayed next to all passed topics. 

* Once a student has passed all of the topics in the subject, he or she will have to pass the post test for the subject.  Ignore this step if the subject does not have a post test. 


How to Monitor Student Progress

* Log in to Study Island with the login username and password

* Click on My Reports

* Click on a report and select the appropriate grade level. 


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