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I have been employed with the Decatur County School System for approximately eighteen years. As I consider the events of my life; my journey through life up to this point can be compared to the metaphoric or life cycle of a butterfly. I was an egg when I entered the educational field. My job in business had ended. I discovered that I had an aptitude for teaching, so I applied for a substitute teaching position. I was a substitute teacher for two years. Then the principal of a local elementary school offered me a job as a paraprofessional. This was the beginning of my lava stage. I started reading and learning more about special needs students. I stayed in that stage for about eight years. I was not ready to move out of my comfort zone. Then my family started putting pressure on me to continue my education. I began to secretly looking into what it took for me to become a teacher this was my pupa stage.

 During this stage I experienced my challenges. I kept my emotions in check; those around me did not know about what was transpiring in my life. Thus the hard shell that they saw enhanced my quest for obtaining a four year degree. In the pupa stage my wings developed. I realized that I had great potentials. My confidence in my ability to succeed in education was enhanced. I feel that I have emerged into a beautiful Monarch Butterfly. I have journeyed from the Bachelor’s of education to the Master’s level. I teach students with multiple disabilities in grade 9th -12th. I have a passion for teaching students with special needs. I strive to help my students be life – changers, and embrace the metaphoric. In short there are many crooks and turns in life, but change is imminent. I am a butterfly flying from flower to flower enjoying my new identity.    



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