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Kindergarten December News

Please label all jackets/coats, etc...

Please put money in an envelope or ziploc and label with student's name

Please send a note for a change in daily transportation

Check folders daily

Check DoJo daily

Continue to study sight words DAILY

Practice blending SRA sounds/words DAILY



Counting to 20

Recognizing numbers 0-20

Counting sets of objects 0-20

Counting down from 10

Greater than/less than

Continue to review 2D/3D shapes (circle, square, hexagon, triangle, rectangle, rhombus) (cone, cube, sphere, cylinder)



Students should be able to recognize all upper and lower case letters

Review all letter sounds- including long and short vowels 

Practice rhyming words

How many syllables in a word

Be able to say the beginning, middle, and final sound in a word (ram, mat, sad, etc..)

Be able to identify the vowel sound in a word



Write all upper and lowercase letters

Write first and last name

Writing a sentence with space between words

Capitalize the first letter in the sentence and use punctuation at the end