Pre-Kindergarten Program

The Bright From the Start Pre-Kindergarten program in Decatur County includes 12 classrooms housed throughout the system's four elementary schools. The program serves at a maximum 262 children through age appropriate instruction learning experiences. Each class is limited to 22 students and is taught by a certified early childhood teacher and an assistant teacher. Included in the 12 classrooms is an Inclusion classroom that serves developmentally delayed students with 14 normally developing students.  This class is unique and includes a certified lead teacher with two assistant teachers in this classroom.  The Georgia Pre-K program is successfully preparing children for school by providing an opportunity for them to develop school readiness skills in an environment that encourages children to have fun while learning.

Georgia's Pre-K Program provides children with experiences that foster the essentials for school readiness.   In Pre-K, children learn through play and learning centers, which are integral parts of Pre-K classrooms. Pre-K programs reflect an understanding of how children learn by emphasizing active learning, consistent daily routines, and the use of positive behavioral management and assessment strategies. The school readiness goals of the Pre-K program provide appropriate preschool experiences emphasizing growth in language and literacy, math concepts, science, social studies, arts, health and physical development, and social and emotional competence.

Support services are a vital component of the Pre-K program. On a voluntary basis, families are provided access to services that promote stability and aid in the child's preparation for kindergarten. Parents are provided with opportunities to obtain needed health services for their child, attend informational seminars, attend child development seminars and receive information on topics of interest to them.