School Bus Safety

Every day, over 7,000 students are transported to and from school by one of the system's 54 bus drivers. Transportation is also provided for a wide variety of co-curricuIar and extracurricular activities, from sporting events and academic competitions to concerts and field trips. All our system schools have after school programs, that we are currently providing 12 buses and drivers to transport students home. The local system has a fleet of 83 buses which log approximately 6,000 miles per day.

Every school bus is equipped with advanced safety features to assist the driver in protecting those riding the bus. Seats on a bus are specifically designed to protectriders in the event of an accident each bus is equipped with a camera and a two-way radio and all special education buses have a cellula rphone which isused in times of emergency. An eight-lightwarning system and a mechanical crossing gate are used to indicate to oncoming and following traffic when the bus stops to pick up or unload children. Large overhead and side mirrors enable the bus driver to see in all directions. Emergency doors, windows and roof hatches, located at the rear, on the sides and the roof of the bus provide easy evacuation in emergency situations. New model buses are equipped with a child alert rostra precision controls motion activated warning system. This will alert the bus driver if any children or objects are within 10' of the bus. New model buses are also equipped with a child check-mate system which will remind the bus driver to check bus for any children that may have fallen asleep. New model buses are equipped with an extra warning stop sign located at rear left side of bus; this will provide better notification for other motorists that bus is loading and unloading students.

The best safety feature on a school bus is the passenger. It is vitally important that allwho ride buses know and practice the skills of safe riders. The saferiderobservesbus conductrules and regulations, thereby reducing the possIbility of accidents or injuries. All students who utilize the comty's school bus transportation system must observe proper behavior. The school bus is an extension of the classroom. The same rules which apply on school campus apply on a school bus. Bus transportation is provided as a privilege to all students who attend Decatur County Schools. A student may lose his/her privilege to ride the school bus by failing to obey school systems safety rules.

Drivers receive extensive safety training, beyond the state's minimwn standards, to help ensure the safety of students who utilize the system's bus transportation. A reflection of this training can be seen in our driving record, with averaging million plus miles a year with no serious injuries.

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For information regarding bus routes, schedules, or bus policy, call the school your child or children attend or the Decatur County Board of Education Transportation Office at 248-2204 weekday normal hours 5:30 am - 4:30 pm and After School Program hours 4:30 pm - 7:00 pm.