Jason Logue


Technology Mission Statement

Decatur County School System views technology as a set of integrated tools that enables students and staff to adapt to the ever-changing challenges of a 21st century global society. We believe that access to and utilization of technology will contribute to the improvement of teaching, learning, productivity, and communication within our district. Technology will be used to build a learning community in which both staff and students.

Technology Vision Statements

In order for students to compete in our technology-centered society, they must be technologically proficient.  Both students and staff must have the technology tools and skills that enable them to develop technology competency. Decatur County School System will provide students and staff with the tools, training, and support necessary to utilize technology to enhance learning, increase productivity, access information, and communicate with others.

1.    Technology use will be integrated into the curriculum to expand student opportunities to access, learn, produce, communicate, and evaluate information. In addition, technology will help students develop skills in critical and creative thinking and in innovative problem-solving.

2.    The District will provide equitable access to instructional technology for all students and staff.

3.    Staff members will be provided with the necessary professional development so that they can use and instruct students in the use of technology.

4.    Students and staff will recognize the capabilities and confines of technology, as well as legal and ethical implications of their technology use.

5.    The District will maintain a technology level that can meet the evolving needs of students and staff.

6.    The District, schools, families, and community will understand and support the role of technology in education and will work as partners in the process of teaching students.

7.    District personnel will utilize current and emerging technologies to enhance instructional programs for all learners.

8.    Technology will be used to collect, assess, and share performance data.

9.    Workforce knowledge and skills will be developed through the use of technology.

10.The District will conduct continual process of technology planning and evaluation.