21st CCLC Program

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Jeanette Grimsley, Program Director

~Site Coordinators~

JJE – Sandra Dawson   JWE – Dr. Theodora Rodgers  

    PSE –Recarlo Williams       WBE – Tiffany Hall

Administrative Assistant/Data Entry Specialist - Anita Jackson 



Decatur County Schools in partnership with Decatur County Family Connection and the support of many community agencies, businesses, and the Teaching Institute for Excellence in Science Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM), service a 21stCentury Community Learning Center (21st CCLC),STEM Blasters and Beyond program at all 4 elementary sites . 

The elementary sites offer an opportunity to students who are eligible for 21st CCLC services, to attend the 21st CCLC STEM Blasters and Beyond (JJE, JWE, PSE, & WBE) programs.  The elementary schools serve students in grades 2-4.

The Elementary 21st CCLC program includes a broad spectrum of events that focuses on health and wellness, cultural activities and academic programming that is creative and engaging for all participating students. These events enable students to think critically, become more responsible for their own learning, and understand the relevance of learning to their individual lives—all under the STEM umbrella. 

Rotations are included in the after school schedule to include health and wellness activities, character education, and relationship building through contracted service providers.  Age- appropriate instruction will be provided in the visual arts. Creative hands-on Instructional Strategies that are problem-based and technology-infused are integrated to include a strong emphasis on Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. 

The goals of Decatur County include the following:  to prepare students to become college and career ready by providing an equitable educational experience for all participating students, to improve positive behaviors through health, safety and wellness activities, including enrichment opportunities in the arts and technology, and to improve Parental Involvement.       


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