Bus Basic Safety Rules

  1. Students should respect their bus driver and cooperate with his/her instructions or requests.
  2. Students are prohibited from fighting or "rough housing", which includes disruptive behavior such as pushing, shoving, shouting, slapping, pinching, kicking, etc.
  3. Students are prohibited from having drugs, alcohol, tobacco, weapons or fireworks in their possession when riding the school bus.
  4. Students should remain in their assigned seats when the bus is moving and keep their hands and feet out of the aisle and off other riders or their property.
  5. Students should not use profane, vulgar or obscene language or gestures to anyone on or outside the school bus.
  6. Students should not eat or drink beverages.
  7. Students should not damage any portion of the interior or exterior of the school bus or its equipment.
  8. Students shall not litter, throw objects on or out the windows of the bus.