Bus Discipline Procedures

SPECIAL NOTE: Students are subject to being recorded on video cameras at any time they are riding a school bus.

When deemed appropriate, violations will be reported to the Principal or other designee for disciplinary action.

1st OFFENSE -The driver will talk with a student, may reassign him/her to a new seat on the bus and talk with the student's parents or guardians. The driver will document the action and give copy to Principal or other designee.

2ND OFFENSE -Disciplinary action will be at the principal's discretion.

3RD OFFENSE -Student will be suspended from riding the bus for three (3) days.

4TH OFFENSE -Student will be suspended from riding the bus for five (5) days.

5TH OFFENSE -Student will be suspended from riding the bus for ten (10) days.

 6TH OFFENSE -Student will be suspended from riding the bus for the remainder of the school year.

NOTE: Principals have the option to suspend students out of school and from riding the bus for more than (10) days and up to the remainder of the year, when deemed appropriate.

When altercations occur between students of different schools, Principal and/or other designee of each school will collaborate in order to be consistent with disciplinary action.

Message to Parents or Guardians Whose Children Are Passengers On Buses

Parents or guardians are ultimately accountable for the behavior of their minor children. The drivers need your cooperation and support of their efforts to enforce the rules that are essential to the safety and security ofyour children. While the drivers represent you in a parent-like role, the students must obey them regarding the rules for students the same as if you, the parents or guardians, were enforcing them. Your responsibility is to reinforce at home that you require and expect your children to follow the specified rules while they are passengers on a school bus.