Bus Stops

Bus Stops are placed on and outside 1 ½ miles from the Students School. Stops are designated by the Transportation Department and are placed at specific locations based on distance between Bus Stops (no closer than 1/10 of a mile) and safety concerns. The distance for Bus Stop locations shall not exceed 3/10 of a mile from Student's Home to Bus Stop.

Bus Stops cannot be changed by the Bus Driver. Any requests for changes or additional Bus Stops must be made through the Transportation Department. A Transportation Administrator will survey the area and assess if changes can be made. Parents and Students will be notified of Bus Stop changes. This procedure will be handled as quick as possible and could take 10 days process.

Students must be at their designated bus stop when the bus arrives. Students are encouraged to arrive at the bus stop five (5) minutes before the scheduled pick-up time. Buses cannot wait for latecomers. Only authorized persons may board or ride a school bus.