Code of Conduct on Buses

A. Procedures for Boarding the Bus:

1.     Students must be at the designated bus stop at the time the bus is scheduled to arrive. The bus stop is designated by the driver and/or transportation supervisor.

2.     Students who must cross the road before getting on the bus shall wait for the bus to arrive and display the proper warning signs and hand signal from driver before crossing the road.

3.     All students must cross the road in front of the bus, never behind the bus

4.     Students shall always stand a safe distance of the road never in the road while waiting for the bus to arrive.

5.     While at the bus stop students should:

a. Conduct themselves in an orderly manner.
b. Avoid littering.
c. Respect nearby private property rights.

B. Procedures for Deboarding the Bus:

1.     Students must use the service entrance door while unloading and not the emergency exit doors. The emergency exit IS to be used only in emergency situations.

2.     Students who must cross the road after getting off the bus should cross at least ten (10) feet in front of the bus looking both ways to be sure no traffic is approaching from either direction and wait for driver to signal to cross.

3.    Students should walk across the road never run.

4.    Students should not ask to be let off at stops other than their assigned stop unless requested in writing by student's parents or guardians and approved by principal or other school administrator.

C. Rules for Riding the Bus:

1.     Students shall take seats promptly after boarding the bus. No seats can be reserved. Should the driver assign a student a seat, the student must comply. Students will remain in their seats while the bus is in motion.

2.     Students must keep arms and head inside the bus.

3.     Students shall not use alcohol, drugs, or tobacco in any form.

4.     Students shall not throw objects on the bus or out the windows.

5.     Students shall not distract the driver.

6.     Students shall not eat food or drink beverages.

7.     Students shall not transport live animals.

8.     Students shall not litter.

9.     Students shall not transport items which may endanger the health or safety of any other passengers.

10.  Students shall not transport weapons, fireworks or electronic devices.

11.  Students shall not use inappropriate language as follows: It is unacceptable to use language or gestures that are lewd, obscene, profane or in general offensive and objectionable as measured by the prudent and prevailing standard of the community and the Board of Education.

12.  Students shall not be disobedient as follows: It is unacceptable to be defiant or refuse to obey and follow a legitimate request, rule regulation, directive, or order.

13.  Students shall not be disrespectful as follows: It is unacceptable to be discourteous, impolite, rude or insubordinate

14.  Students shall not be disruptive as follows It is unacceptable to interrupt in any of its settings the orderly course of transportation affairs by any means, way, form, or fashion.

15.  Students shall not be abusive or aggressive as follows: It is unacceptable to fight, mistreat, misuse, demean, insult, intimidate extort, mock, ridicule, bully, threaten or use excessive force.

16.  Students shall follow school dress codes.

17.  Students are expected to comply with any and/or all other policies and regulations as stipulated by the Decatur County Board of Education.