Decatur County Schools Title IX Documentation

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Title IX

Training Documentation and Forms

Title IX is a federal education law that is part of the Educational Amendments Act of 1972. It prohibits sex discrimination in educational programs or educational activities that receive federal financial assistance. The type of discrimination in education covered by Title IX includes sexual harassment, pregnancy discrimination, equal opportunity in athletics, and sexual assault policies for students and employees.

Educational programs and activities covered by Title IX include any operation of an educational institution, private employer, or governmental entity that receives federal financial assistance. These institutions, private employers, and governmental entities are known as “recipients.” Title IX covers all institutions participating in the federal financial aid program.

Sex discrimination is forbidden under Title IX,  and all other aspects of the educational experience, including recreational services, health services, school programs, counseling, classroom assignments, and grading. Discrimination is also forbidden in employment and recruitment in connection with educational institutions that fall under Title IX.


Title IX Coordinators: 

Chip Davis, Title IX Coordinator for Students Services                         

1417 Dothan Road                                                                             

Bainbridge, GA 39817                                                                               

Phone: 229-248-2200                                                                                                                                                           


Jennifer Wilkinson, Title IX Coordinator for Employee Services

1417 Dothan Road

Bainbridge, GA 39817

Phone: 229-248-2200


Decatur County Schools Title IX Investigation Procedures


Training Documentation

Title IX Official Training for All Employees (PPT)

Title IX Official Training for All Employees (Video)

Title IX Investigation Training

Quick Step Training for Investigators

Title IX Sign In Verification Sheet


Title IX Coordinator Training

Harbin, Hartley and Hawkins Training

GAEL Legal Conference Day 1

GAEL Legal Conference Day 2

GAEL Legal Conference Day 3


Title IX Forms

Official Complaint Form

Intention to Investigate Template 

Title IX Witness Form

Title IX Investigator Checklist

Title IX Decision Maker Template