Welcome to the Decatur County Schools Technology Department.  We envision our school district as an educational leader whose priority is to seek high academic standards, increase academic achievement, and develop our students' learning skills.  We will optimize all resources, including technology, available to enhance educational opportunities for students and the quality of life for our community.


Our students utilize technology to engage in critical thinking and problem-solving resulting in an extremely rich learning experience.  Students are given the opportunity to access technologies that promote risk-taking and enhanced communication, rewarding them in an in-depth understanding across all academic disciplines.  This will positively affect our students' abilities to be productive, successful, life-long learners who are responsible and discerning citizens in a complex, diverse, and ever-changing society.


Administrators, teachers, and support staff utilize and model the appropriate use of technology to provide a highly effective learning environment; one that provides for the effective communication required to facilitate highly-motivated learning. In addition, advanced educational technology will be necessary to address local, state, and national standards. Decatur County Schools' educational technology infrastructure will facilitate advanced connectivity to provide effective communication, not only inside the classroom and across the district, but outwards to the community and into the home.


Steve Dunn, Director
Technology Department