Parent Resources for Pre-K Education

The Pre-K Official Website:

For a copy of the Pre-K Content Standards which provide the foundation for instruction in all Georgia Pre-K Classrooms:

The standards include:

Many concepts and early literacy skills can be strengthened by using high quality children's literature as the basis for learning. Research has shown that reading to your child daily can have a dramatic impact on future school success. The suggested reading book list provides a useful list of high quality, age appropriate children's literature. The book list can be found at the following link:

The Georgia Pre-K Program uses the following progress report to assess the development of all Pre-K students:

Supporting Families:  Parents and families are an integral part of the Pre-K instructional program. Parents build the foundation for helping children develop skills, habits, and attitudes for becoming lifelong learners; therefore, they are encouraged to strengthen their role as their child's first and most important teacher. Many opportunities will be available for parents to participate in Pre-K program activities because parents and teachers working together make a positive difference in a child's development.  For the most frequently asked questions in the Pre-K program:

For a copy of the Pre-K Family Handbook: