Pre-K Registration


1.  What are the age requirements to enroll in Georgia's Pre-K Program?

A child must be age-eligible (four-years-old on September 1) AND a Georgia resident. Acceptable proof of age must be on file the day the child begins the Pre-K program.

2.  What is considered acceptable documents for proof of age?

Examples of acceptable proof of age include: Original/certified birth certificate, passport, green card, pink card, or Federal I-94 card and hospital record of live birth. Immunization forms and Medicaid cards are not acceptable documentation for proof of age.

3.  What is acceptable documentation for proof-of-Georgia residency?

Examples of proof of residency include: current lease, current vehicle registration form, letter from shelter, letter from employer if employer provides housing, and any utility bill listing the residence as the service address. A cell phone bill or a driver's license is not acceptable proof of residency.

4.  Does my child have to have a social security card/number to attend?

No, social security cards/numbers are not required to enroll in Georgia's Pre-K, but will be requested for record keeping reasons.

5.  Is there a specific waiver form I need since my child does not have a social security number?

If you do not wish to or cannot provide a social security number for your child, you may provide a written statement to the school/center stating that you do not wish to or cannot provide that information.

6.  What should I bring to registration?

Parents/guardians MUST bring proof of Georgia residency and age documentation.  Additionally, parents will be asked for social security cards, immunization certificates, PeachCare or Medicaid Cards and proof of income if the student is applying for free or reduced lunch.