Student Support Team

Definition of Student Support Team (SST)

The Student Support Team is a building - level committee consisting of four or more persons established to identify and plan alternative instructional strategies for students experiencing academic and/or behavioral problems.  This is a regular educational activity and is carried out by the classroom teacher as directed by the Student Support Team.

Each school designs its operational structure and format within the county guidelines for SST functions.  The team may be comprised of principals, assistant principals, classroom teachers, special education teachers, counselors, school psychologists, central office personnel, and/or the child's parents.

The concept of the student support team is an interdisciplinary one.  Student Support Team function at their most productive level when all members consistently participate in the total process.  The major responsibility of the SST is the early appropriate planning and use of strategies for students in the classroom setting.  Referral to other system services can also be the result of the SST process.


Student Support Team Chairperson by School


SST Contact

Email address

Phone #

John Johnson Elementary

Kati Hunter


Jones Wheat Elementary

Dr. Theo Rogers


Potter Street Elementary

Mandie Brock


West Bainbridge Elementary

Meredith Shingler


Hutto Middle School

Julie Bellflower


Bainbridge Middle School

Julie Bellflower


Bainbridge High School

Darlene Melton