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Vision: Excellence, Engagement and Accountability…for ALL.

Mission: To empower all students to engage and succeed in a global society by providing rigorous and equitable opportunities, nurturing environments, sustained partnerships, college and career readiness and character development.

Strategic Plan: The strategic improvement plan for Decatur County Schools is comprised of strategic goal areas that were identified by system leaders and stakeholders.  The plan is a living document that will be updated annually based on data, survey feedback and progress toward specific goals.

The Balanced Scorecard Accountability Model will be used to increase organizational effectiveness and efficiency.  The Balanced Scorecard was developed by Robert Kaplan and David Norton of Harvard University.  The Balanced Scorecard has a three-fold purpose; it serves as a measurement tool, management tool, and a communication tool.  The use of this model will result in more effective communication with the public and documented progress toward system goals using a variety of accountability measures.  The Balanced Scorecard has become a roadmap that measures performance and translates strategies into action plans. Decatur County Schools will use this accountability model in conjunction with GSBA/GSSA Vision for Public Education standards and the AdvanceED standards for quality school systems to guide the strategic direction of the school system. 

System Non-Negotiables

  •  Put student needs first
  •  Be positive and respectful
  •  Be consistent
  •  Build trustful and relevant relationships
  •  Provide all stakeholders with a voice

System Non-Negotiables for Teaching and Learning

  •  Increase student engagement
  •  Increase rigor and relevance
  •  Increase use of instructional technology
  •  Increase teacher collaboration

We will also utilize the following to provide direction to the strategic planning and continuous improvement processes:

(1)   School and System Improvement Plans

(2)   2013 – 2018 School Facilities Plan

(3)   College and Career Ready Performance Index

(4)   Decatur County Schools Annual Report

(5)   Statewide Longitudinal Data System



Strategic Goal Area 1           Student Achievement
1.     Mastery of the content standards
2.     Close the achievement gap between subgroups
3.     Ensure that all teachers understand and use differentiated strategies in instruction

Strategic Goal Area 2           Organizational Effectiveness & Efficiency
1.     Ensure effectiveness of School Nutrition
2.     Ensure effectiveness of Transportation
3.     Ensure effectiveness of Maintenance and Operations
4.     Ensure effectiveness of Human Resources

Strategic Goal Area 3           Technology for Teaching and Learning
1.     Utilize current technology to support the system’s teaching, learning and operational needs
2.     All students have access to technology and use it to be actively engaged in the learning process
3.     Integrate fully a variety of technologies to support student learning and facilitate assessment.

Strategic Goal Area 4           Student and Stakeholder Engagement     
1.     Increase parental and community engagement
2.     Maintain communication with all stakeholder groups
3.     Determine stakeholder perceptions of schools and school district

Strategic Goal Area 5           School System Culture & Climate
1.     Ensure a safe, orderly and supportive learning environment
2.     Make each school and the school district an inviting place to be for students, parents, staff and the community
3.     Get to know and listen to the students served by Decatur County Schools