Professional Development Schedule: May 2020 - August 2020



Georgia Virtual Learning  - Digital Learning - Deadline March 15th 

All teachers need to do the following two courses:
Just in Time for Teachers: Digital Learning Days ( (1 - 2 hours)
Introduction to Synchronous Learning ( (1 - 2 hours)

Special Education Teachers will need to do the following additional course: 
Online Support for Special Needs - 1 ( (3 - 5 hours)

Each is a module of sorts that you work through and you will be required to answer questions prior to receiving a certificate of completion.  Once you have received the certificate, I will need you to submit a copy to me for verification purposes - you can send me a screen shot or attach to an Email.  I will mark you off that you have completed the courses.You will be required to create an account - just use your school Email information.  You can complete these in one sitting or take time and do them in small chunks.  Whatever works best for you.  Please go to the link below and click register.  You will receive an Email confirmation and then will have these into your online account.  Let me know if you have any questions or problems.

K-8th Grade Math and ELA Collaboratives - click here for schedule

Google Level 1 Certification  - DEADLINE July 1, 2020

Option 1:  Self Paced Google Classroom
Google Teacher Center/Fundamentals Training:   

Option 2:  Face to Face  - No shows will be charged a $50 cancellation fee.
Dates:  June 3, 4, 9, 16, 23,  or 30
(sign up is available in PD Express; 30 person limit in each class; first come first serve basis - open to all - must have 15 for the class to make)
Time:  8:30 am - 4:30 pm
Location:  BHS Cafeteria
DESCRIPTION: Trainer will provide instruction that covers the content in the modules for Google 1 Level Certification.  At the conclusion, participants will receive their voucher and can schedule their exam.  The day session does not include time to take the Certification Exam. 
Devices: Do not bring your own device because of WIFI - we will supply you with a chromebook.  
SAFETY PRECAUTIONS:  Participants will be assigned a single table with 6' separations and required to wear a mask. Temperatures will be taken at sign in and anyone with a fever, cough, etc.... will NOT be allowed to say on site. 

BRING YOUR OWN LUNCH!  If the participant has to leave prior to session ending they cannot return.  
Note:  Sign up for 1 day only. This is INSTRUCTION only. Exam time is outside of face to face instruction. 

Complete the self paced modules or attend 1 day of face to face training. 
Obtain voucher from school administrator or pay for your own exam and submit to school administrator for reimbursement. 
Register for exam. 
Allow 180 minutes for exam. This exam is application and not multiple choice. 
Upon completion, notify your school administrator that you did not pass or submit a copy of your certification/certificate. The scoring is not immediate but you should be sent an email with a certificate if you pass the exam. If you do not pass, we will offer next steps to be completed during the 20-21 school year. 

EXTRA Resources for passing the Google Educator Level 1 Course
Teachings in Education - Video for each Unit

General Overview:

Positive Classroom Behavioral Supports and Strategies for Para-educators

Registration for this course is available now via PD EXPRESS for DCBOE paraeducators. You will NOT need to register via the RESA website. Registration is now open and will close at 5:00 on Friday May 22nd. If we exceed 50 participants, your name will be added to the waiting list and hopefully be able to offer a 2nd DCBOE cohort. 

The course will be offered on Google Classroom and will consist of four modules:
Expectations and Rules, Acknowledging Appropriate Behavior, Responding to Inappropriate Behavior, and Establishing Positive Relationships with Students. 

Registered Participants will be emailed the course code on Tuesday, May 26 and this code should be used to access the online Google Classroom. Jennifer Hand from SWGARESA will be the course instructor. This is a self-paced course that will earn 1 PLU. Participants may spend as much time as they wish on a daily basis in order to submit assignments sooner rather than later.   All written assignments will be due June 15.


Southern Regional Technical College - FREE courses


For virtual and/or on demand webinars, please complete the generic reflection form as you view the selected sessions.  Submit your completed reflection form to your building level PD contact for approval/verification. These forms along with amount of PD time to be credited will be submitted to the office of professional learning and then added to your transcript. 




Google Classroom general overview


Google Forms


Google Hangout


Google Meets   


Google Meets Joins Google Classroom

Google Classroom: Teacher Center
(Training Modules and First Day with Google Suites)   

I need to be a student in a Google Classroom:

ZOOM Tutorial  


Illuminate Webinars


Edgenuity Webinars

iREADY Platform K-8

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