Google Level 1 Certification

Last Updated: 7/8/2020 6:45 PM

Google Level 1 Certification  - DEADLINE July 15, 2020

Option 1:  Self Paced Google Classroom
Google Teacher Center/Fundamentals Training:   

Option 2:  Face to Face  - No shows will be charged a $50 cancellation fee.
Date:  JULY 14th ONLY (If you test on these days, you have 5 days to test after your class date)
(sign up is available in PD Express; 30 person limit in each class; first come first serve basis - open to all - must have 15 for the class to make)
Time:  8:30 am - 4:30 pm
Location:  BHS Cafeteria
DESCRIPTION: Trainer will provide instruction that covers the content in the modules for Google 1 Level Certification.  At the conclusion, participants will receive their voucher and can schedule their exam.  The day session does not include time to take the Certification Exam. 
Devices: Do not bring your own device because of WIFI - we will supply you with a chromebook.  
SAFETY PRECAUTIONS:  Participants will be assigned a single table with 6' separations and required to wear a mask. Temperatures will be taken at sign in and anyone with a fever, cough, etc.... will NOT be allowed to say on site. 

BRING YOUR OWN LUNCH!  If the participant has to leave prior to session ending they cannot return.  
Note:  Sign up for 1 day only. This is INSTRUCTION only. Exam time is outside of face to face instruction. 

Complete the self paced modules or attend 1 day of face to face training. 
Obtain voucher from school administrator or pay for your own exam and submit to school administrator for reimbursement. 
Register for exam. 
Allow 180 minutes for exam. This exam is application and not multiple choice. 
Upon completion, notify your school administrator that you did not pass or submit a copy of your certification/certificate. The scoring is not immediate but you should be sent an email with a certificate if you pass the exam. If you do not pass, we will offer next steps to be completed during the 20-21 school year. 


1. Complete 13 Modules (self-paced) or Attend a Face to Face Session at BHS (sign up via PD Express)
2.  Attempt the test 1 time (If you pass, GREAT; if you don't GREAT you did what was asked. The journey of learning is the most important part.)

Taking the Test Options (there may be more but this is what we are aware of):
1.  Request a prepaid ProctorU voucher from your lead teacher and follow exactly the steps on attachment 
2.  Self Pay with ProctorU
3.  Self Pay with Webasessor


EXTRA Resources for passing the Google Educator Level 1 Course

Teachings in Education - Video for each Unit

General Overview:


Google Classroom general overview

Google Forms

Google Hangout


Google Meets   


Google Meets Joins Google Classroom

Google Classroom: Teacher Center
(Training Modules and First Day with Google Suites)   





Step by Step directions and URL to register for Google Level 1 test certification.
Guidance for using the DCBOE purchased voucher from ProctorU

ProctorU Guide to support  test-takers who are going to use ProctorU to take the Educator Level 1 and Educator Level 2 exam. Inside the guide, you can find detailed instructions related to Registration, Certification FAQ's, Voucher Redemption, and various other topics.  

Tech Specifications for Exam: 

ProctorU link to submit issue with testing

Unresolved Issues (google platform):  For any issues that ProctorU is unable to resolve and that needs to be escalated directly to Google for support, test-takers should use the following link below.   

Exam Testing Experience (This is NOT OPTIONAL):
Once you have taken the Google Level 1 Certification Examination (whether you passed or not), please take a few minutes and answer this quick survey concerning your examination process. If you encountered issues, please provide as many specific details as possible.That data we are collecting is essential as we troubleshoot examination issues both with Google and with ProctorU. 



Important Reminders:  

  • Make sure that you read carefully the details provided in the previous email that provides step by step instructions and screenshots for using the ProctorU voucher. 
  • We are continuing to work with ProcotorU and they are increasing the capacity to support test takers via chat, email and phone. 
  • Please note however that many of the issues may be avoided by ensuring that your testing environment is extremely stable. That means consider the weather if necessary!
  • Make sure that you LOG COMPLETELY OUT of your DCBOE and personal gmail accounts. If you don't do this, you will lose time because your computer will toggle you back and forth. This issue is causing many of us to experience unintended logouts. Then it is often difficult to get logged back in. 
  • Make sure you write down your dummy login credentials before the screen goes away. It will make it easier to log back in. I know this sounds logical but it has happened several times so we are learning from each other as we go. 
  • Reminder TIME matters so complete the tasks you feel confident FIRST and then go back to the tougher ones. Passing is NOT all or nothing. 
  • And then FINALLY, when you gave it your best shot, take a deep breath, smile, you're done! Now -  enjoy your summer!