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Last Updated: 10/26/2021 3:05 PM

Parent Roles in Distance or Remote Learning

  • Connect the Chromebook to your Home WiFi. You will need to click on the WiFi. icon, find your WiFi. and enter your password.
  • Contact the school for other WiFi. resources and options if you do not have a reliable WiFi. option at home.
  • Set rules and expectations for computer use at home.
  • Expect that screens will be open where you can see them.
  • Designate times and locations in the house for computer use.
  • Require work to be done in an area where you can check in on your student’s progress.
  • Create times when the device can only be used for school work and if, or when, it can be used for recreational activities.


  • Charge your Chromebook every night
  • Do not leave your Chromebook charger plugged into the wall outlet while there is not a Chromebook charging
  • Do not eat or drink by your Chromebook
  • You can use a wrung out Clorox/Lysol wipe to clean the outside of the Chromebook and Keyboard but NOT the screen. The screen can be cleaned with designated Screen Wipe that you would find at Office Depot or Walmart. If you do not have something like that, you can use a little bit of isopropyl rubbing alcohol on a microfiber cloth. A little bit goes a long way.
  • If your student Chromebook breaks or your student is having technical issues, please use the TECH SUPPORT phone number or email for your school and let your teacher know asap.

Online Safety Tips

  • Parents are encouraged to emphasize the following online rules for children at home.
  • Never give out personal information such as address, telephone numbers, parents’ name or work address/telephone number without parent permission.
  • Have students tell parents right away if they come across something online that makes them feel uncomfortable. Talk about posting pictures of themselves online and other online safety concerns.
  • Do not respond to any messages that are mean or make children feel uncomfortable.
  • Never give out passwords to anyone other than parents.
  • Follow the rules of digital citizenship, including never posting anything online that hurts others.

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Have an issue you can't resolve?
Email your school's contact:  

School Technology Help Desk     Contact Name
Jones Wheat Primary  Melissa Brock
 West Bainbridge Primary Amanda Jones
Hutto Elementary School   Ginger Johnson
Bainbridge Middle School   Thomas Clark
Bainbridge High School  Claudia Montague


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