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Enrolling in Decatur County Schools

Decatur County schools offers an online enrollment process.  For any family that is not able to complete the process online, please contact the school your child will attend. See School Site Enrollment Contacts below.

Step 1: Gather Documents

Household information
  • address, emails and phone numbers 
Parent/Guardian information  
  • Photo ID 
  • Current (within 30 days) Proof of Residency (Utility bill, mortgage statement, or rent receipt which states Decatur County Residency) 
  • Work and cell phone numbers, email addresses 
  • Guardianship form - only if student is not living with biological parent/legal guardian
Student information
  • Birth Certificate-must be a certified copy (Form 3918)
  • Social Security Card or SS Waiver form (SS WAIVER)
  • GA Immunization (form 3231) & Ear, Eye, & Dental (form 3300)
  • Withdrawal Records from Previous Schools (Attendance, Unofficial transcript, withdrawal grades, & discipline records)
  • Student emergency contact(s) -- Names & phone numbers (Date of birth is helpful to determine if person is already listed in system)

Step 2: Begin Enrollment

Jeanette Grimsley

Director of Student Information System (SIS) & Student Services