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The Decatur County Teaching and Learning Plan is broken into five strategic components designed to ensure progress toward District goals: 

  • INSTRUCTIONAL STRATEGIES: research-based strategies to meet the learning needs of all students

  • STUDENT ENGAGEMENT: fostering engaging learning environments that facilitate student collaboration and communication

  • VOICE: providing student choice and personalized learning opportunities 

  • INCREASED RIGOR AND RELEVANCE: employing collaboration and instructional strategies that reflect the rigor of the Georgia Standards of Excellence

  • INCREASED USE OF INSTRUCTIONAL TECHNOLOGY: utilizing appropriate instructional technology tools in all classrooms and maintaining an efficient and effective 1:1 learning environment


Christy Cox

Christy Cox

Director of Curriculum and Instruction


Candace Lawrence Rentz

Content Coordinator K-5
229-248-2200 ext. 11038

Kayla Conoly

Content Coordinator 6-12
229-248-2200 ext. 12028

Curriculum Admin Assistant

Paula Morris