What we are learning:

Kindergarten 2nd 9 weeks:

-Practice sight words DAILY

-Review all letter sounds/vowel sounds DAILY

-Practice blending SRA words DAILY

-Practice speaking/answering in complete sentences

_Please read books with your child DAILY

-Please check your child's folder DAILY

-Please check ClassDoJo DAILY

-Please DO NOT allow your child to bring toys, purses, jewelry, etc... to school

-Long and short vowel sounds

-Rhyming words (word families)

-Writing all upper and lowercase letters

-Writing name (first and last)

-Writing numbers 0-20

-Distinguish between the first, middle, and last sound in a word

-Replacing a sound to make a new word (ex: turn ram into ham)

-Counting 20 objects

-Greater than, less than, equal

-Positional words (front, behind, beside, above, below, inside, outside